🚗 Best Free Cross-platform Drifting Games


Bored of the usual car racing games on your gaming console? Why not try some adrenalin charged drifted car games? With high definition visuals and ultimate audios, you can hardly resist playing them. Though virtual, you got to feel the thrill of braking, and accelerating to feel the screech of tyres when the car glides over the track. Isn’t it awesome to play such thrilling car racing games?

Yeah! Most of the car-racing games are about racing through the tracks just to reach the finish point. But, when you have drifting car games that add much more fun to your gaming experience, why stick to ordinary run of the mill ones. Be a true sport and try the below mentioned rocking games. Yes! We have it all sorted, whether you have an iOS device, Android phone or tablet, there is a drifting car game ready to take you on that exciting ride. Ain’t it great that when you don’t keep gaming limited to a specific device.

We have picked the best free drifting car games for your ultimate gaming experience. Download these drifting car games in any device absolutely free and enjoy.



1.     Off Road Car Drifting 3D

(Platform: Android)

Looking for some crazily awesome drifting games? Here is this 3D car drifting game, perfect to play on your Android device. Android play store says it is meant for ‘Zealous and crazy lovers of car drifting’. The best part of this drifting car racing game is, it has both city and mountain racing environment for car racing. There are multiple cars to choose from, including luxury cars for racing. You can do city racing, highway drifting as well as mountain drifting all within a single game. It has 4 rating in the play store.

Now, no more waiting to have the best gaming experience on your Android phone. Wondering about the features of this game? Worry not! Here are the best things that Off Road Car Drifting 3D offers you –

  1. Realistic 3D city view for better gaming experience.
  2. Drive through beach, city, and hilly roads.
  3. New levels unlock when you complete a mission.
  4. Different cars for racing, including luxury cars.
  5. Different camera views available while you drive for more fun in gaming.
  6. Race against the time.

Download and play this game, and let us know how much you enjoyed it? We are positive that Off Road Car Drifting 3D would entertain you at its best.

2.     Mad Drift – Car Drifting Games

(Platform: iOS)

Well! Now that we have mentioned drifting car games already, iOS users need not be worried. ‘Mad Drift – Car Driving Games’ is a real pleasure. This thrilling car drifting game for your iOS device seems to be a purely addictive game in the iTunes play store. When you talk about top trending free games for iOS, Mad Drift is in the frontline. Car racing and drifting is for a certain aid? Who said that, by the way? Shrug them off guys! Download it from iTunes for free and take your crazy driver avatar to win the drifting game.

If you have iOS 8.0 or higher on you iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad then you have the license to take part in drifting. Just kidding! You don’t need a license.

Let’s talk about the features of this game –

  1. It has beautiful retro and exotic and classic cars, bike and crazy taxi drifting
  2. One of the most realistic drifting games on mobile
  3. More bikes, colourful cars and crazy taxis, get unlocked when you up your score.
  4. You experience break, speed, dodge and bike death in this drifting game

Now that you know the exciting features of the game, what more to wait? Go grab your iPhone and start the car drifting game and flaunt your score to your friends.